Debra Rerick got her niche for art and framing by doing it herself for her art shows in college. She named her business Frame Game after reading an article in Time Magazine about a museum exhibit. After graduating, Debra began going door to door to businesses offering custom framing services. Once her client chose the subject matter that they wanted she would order the artwork. From there Debra herself would assemble right on her living room floor, deliver, and install.


     Debra’s first office was on Centerville Road in Warwick, Rhode Island where she had 3 sales representatives and a framer/installer. Her new goal was to do more quantity for hotels and restaurants, not only in Rhode Island but across the country. In 1987 Corporate Art Group’s artwork was featured in NightClub & Bar Magazine. 


In 1988 she changed the name of the business to Corporate Art Group Inc. to reflect companies goal - to provide artwork for businesses, hotels, and restaurants. She branded herself to provide a service to corporate clients who were to busy to pick out their own artwork. She attended trade shows because she knew that it was necessary to keep up with popular trends. 


Once Corporate Art Group was expanding she moved to Western Industrial Drive in Cranston Rhode Island, where she began to produce more. With excess scrap materials that the business accumulated Corporate Art Group would donate to local schools. 


     In 1985 Corporate Art Group began providing prop shelving and other 3-D elements to the Friendly’s Restaurants. Currently today Corporate Art is still providing a custom art pack for the Friendly’s Restaurant that includes framed artwork, murals, and a personalized Friendly’s Clock.


Over the years Corporate Art Group has adapted their logo to who they are as a business.