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Our art consultants work directly with interior and construction designers, facility managers and property owners to assist with art package development, budget planning and project management.

We take your palette and inspiration as our driving force to new artistic expression in your space. Our capabilities range from art consultation to a full interior design makeover.

We are accustomed to working on your timeline and at your budget, helping you smoothly transition into a more vibrant interior that reflects your business's branding.

How It Works

Listening: We will discuss your needs and vision, match art and framing to your project

Research: We will review floor plans and elevations to determine art placement

Concepts: A presentation is created showing different options and concepts.

Final selections: Once selections are made, a proposed budget is presented for approval

Informed Design

Corporate Art Group is passionate about creating design solutions which reflect the motivations of our clients. By taking time to address your needs through the consultation process, we can make informed choices that enhance the functionality and feeling of your space.

New directions are often discovered through art consultation, as well as understanding the limitations of a space. This allows for the production, fabrication, and installation to go smoothly.

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Historic Research

As a specialty niche, we research and source historic images on many different subjects including industry, sports and local cities and towns. Having worked with historians from throughout the country to find the most unique images, we also have our own historic archive library. Inquire with us about locally sourced historic images.

Graphic Design

We offer graphic design services to create print ready imagery for production. This can include posters, banners, signs, custom collages, image adjustment changes, retouching, custom sizing, titling, and digital hand-painting services. Often, our projects become integrated, utilizing photography, illustration, and graphic design. Sometimes it starts with an idea on paper and then our team collaborates to source images and graphics to create truly unique art pieces. 

Custom Photography

We can create a custom art photography program for you interior spaces. Our resident photographer can work with you to finish out that special project. Custom photography commissions are integrated into the decor of your business or residence using the latest tools in digital imaging. Often times, photography commissions will integrate graphic design to create truly unique works of art.

Case Study

This historic timeline, along with six others, were created by our graphic artist. They are hanging in the Park South Hotel, a boutique hotel in the bustling Flatiron district of Manhattan. This project utilized historic research, sourcing of historic images, graphic design, and photography.

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Wall Murals

We are known for our fine art in-house print on demand services. We will customize any image to meet your project needs, printing on a multitude of mediums and textures, including fine art canvas , fine art matte, luster, and glossy paper, and watercolor paper.  Our in-house capabilities helps to keeps costs low and turnaround times fast. We also provide custom wall murals and installation services.

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Wall Art

All of our art installations start with a vision and as an all inclusive resource. We create your customized art package from concept and follow it through to installation for all of your wall decor needs. Utilizing our network of artists and craftsmen from throughout the country, we commission art, including mixed media, to improve the impact of a particular room.  From local historic imagery, to abstract works,  three dimensional sculpture , custom wall murals, unique art glass, art on canvas, paper, wood, and metal, all only limited by your imagination.

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3-D Decor

3-D Wall Decor brings your walls to awesome life with modern and contemporary art pieces. This adds extra dimension to your walls and can compliment just about any kind of traditional hanging art work. These can even be applied to the ceiling! Some examples include metalwork, stand offs, wall clocks, floor vases, mixed media, and other types of 3D wall coverings. We use a number of fantastic custom artists who hand make many of these pieces. They can be installed in most commercial settings. 

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Custom Framing

Corporate Art Group's full service art printing and framing studio offers the latest in print design and custom framing to fit any aesthetic and budget. We offer a large selection of moulding and frame styles. We can customize frame finishes to suit your needs. We use printing processes including direct prints, flatbed prints, sublimation prints, and other archive quality preservation prints. Our expert craftsmen frame works with paper, canvas stretch, canvas embellishment, varnishing, giclee prints, shadowboxes, light boxes, mirrors, glass, bulletin boards, and televisions.



Custom signs add a prestigious look to any company.  We make each sign custom & can work with you from consultation to brand implementation.  Our artisans can create signs from metal, wood, acrylic, glass, and other fascinating surfaces. We have expertise in fabricating and installing signs that will enhance your place of business for years. Corporate Art Group has the unique ability to integrate your signage with the rest of your art and decor package, creating a cohesive and impactful brand narrative through visual communication.


Our custom shadowboxes provide a solution to melding art, memorabilia, historic artifacts, time capsule items, and more. We provide customization in size, substrate, lighting, and hanging shadowboxes for your needs. They provide a dynamic look into any themed art piece in your space.

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Corporate art group installers have the expertise to hang your artwork professionally and the ability to install with security hardware to ensure the safety of your artwork when necessary. We are prepared to install on any type of wall surface including drywall, stone, brick and concrete. Once your installation is complete, the team will remove all packing materials and do a final walk through to make sure everything is perfectly placed. Corporate art installs in corporate spaces, retail stores, offices, schools, hotels, private residences and more.